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Kohinoor Techno Engineers Ltd infrastructure integrates cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and automation systems to optimize production efficiency and product quality. This includes computerized numerical control (VMC and CNC) machines, robotics, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is deployed to manage inventory, production scheduling, and resource allocation, providing real-time visibility into manufacturing operations and enabling data-driven decision-making.


All the engineers are very well trained, qualified with professional degrees, who are equipped with the required tools, who are always equipped and willing to serve their with the most updated information about the order and queries.

We have B-Tech, M-Tech, civil, mechanical & designing. Who are well versed with the companies requirements & working condition and work hard for the growth of the company.


We have all the latest technologies in our premises, with all the latest systems & software, we have one of the best designing team who work hard to bring one of the best diamond machinery in the world. Through our user-centered design process we understand the experiences consumers may want, and then we create the products.

We discover hidden needs to create products that are meaningfully different. Usability and brand driven product aesthetics guide us during this phase. On the engineering front we push design further to innovate at every small detail, making it simpler and easier to use and at the same time simple and cost effective to manufacture. With senior design engineers on our design team from the initial stages of design, we prove our concepts are feasible from the onset, lowering production and manufacturing costs down the road. CAD models, CAE, computer aided analysis, mock-up models, prototypes and co-ordination up to production are the services we offer.