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Special Features Of Our Services

Process Optimization

Our consulting staff has been involved in the design, erection, start-up, and management of all phases of manufacturing operations. This practical experience is accompanied by access to meaningful information that represents the real performance and capability of these operations. Examples of these important databases include production cost, labor content, process specification, quality, and process control information gathered from diamond units.


Committed to provide complete solution, we offer on site installation of the machineries, machine installation services, installation of diamond machine. Our team of qualified engineers are capable enough to undertake on site installation and they also provide training to the staff besides free operational assistance. Being a customer focused company, we even undertake great projects right from conceptualization to its completion.Our excellent customer service has enabled us to carve a unique niche for ourselves in the industry. Today, we boast of a number of projects, which are up and running successfully at various places.


Kohinoor industries has a wide range of technical services aimed towards processing, manufacturing, and formation operations.Our services encompass all aspects of processing, ranging from product testing to comprehensive manufacturing analysis. Our objective is to assist the plant leadership team in improving process and product performance.

Training Services

Facilitate the success of a plant's process improvement team by training team members and coordinating their efforts.Help clients identify, understand, and correct causes of process variability.We assist from purchase to inspection to product delivery. Our team of technologists can investigate and expose the root cause of manufacturing problems. We will not stop there. We will make workable recommendations for remedying these root causes. All work is focused on your selected areas of need and can be customized as desired, but will always target your operation’s competitiveness and your bottom line.