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Auto Bruting Machine


Kohinoor introduces the ROYAL 747 series, a new generation of intelligent bruting system, its futuristic design, more compact, more sturdy with outstanding performance in accuracy. With controls on your fingertips.


Technical Specification
Dimension(LxBxH) 425*455*240 mm
Weight 39 kg
Operating Temp. min 5o C -max 33 oC
Power Consumption 0.5HP (max)
Power Supply 230 VAC/50 hz
Extra Accessories
Setting Plate
Bruting Pot / Elankey Set
Computer Specification
Intel P IV Processor
15" LCD Monitor
80 GB Hardisk
256 DDR (RAM)
Keyboard and Mouse
ModelZX - 8500 Bruting MachineModelZX - 5000ModelZX - 9400Share