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EQS Bruting Machine

EQS Bruting Machine ZX-1010

Extra Accessories
Technical Specification
Dimension(LxBxH) 600x685x640 mm
Weight 105 Kg
Operating Temp. min 5 oC -max 33 oC
Power Consumption 0.4HP (max)
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz

Advance Technology once again for our Diamond Industry. E Q S. Totally computerized (C N C) machine for bruiting the diamond.

Fully automatic machine with mutual combination of mechanical, electronics, computer, chemical & metallurgy profession of engineering which introduce EQ S.

European technology, Russian design, but purely Indian with 2 Year warranty.

As girdle is major reference to obtain maximum yield of stone, which keep us to pay more attention is now became easier and tension free, as there is no chance of breakage and gletses will decrease instead of increase. Machine gives accuracy of 0.005mm.

Comparison EOS
Russian Kohinoor
EQS (Indian)
Perfect Roundness
Cutting and feeding automatic X X
Check running diameter Manual X Auto
Cut, Planning Option 2D/3D 2D 2D 3D
Auto Stop X
Economic X X
Low Power Consumption  ✓ X
Break down service (30 Mins.) X X
Local service station X X
Print and LAN Option X X
Vertical and horizontal view of bruiting X X
2 years Warranty X X
Language Selection(English/Gujarati/Hindi) X X
25% fast production X X
Easy to operate and maintain X X
Smooth Girdle Surface X X
Chemical Free X X