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Smart Brut

Smart Brut

Necessity being the mother of invention, “KOHINOOR” hence speculates the need of the hour, invents the “SMART BRUT”, The next Generation Bruting machine for your valuable diamonds a Perfect solution for girdle and pavillion with ultimate cutting edge technology having multiple hi-end features with sate-of-the-art characteristies to reduce man-hours, labour watage etc & brings accuracy, speed & production simultaniously at one time. A point wise brief about the same follows hereafter.

Smart brut features

Scanning of


Auto 3D

Auto centering
of diamond
as per plan

Girdle Bruting
as per required

Automatic angle
change for pavillion


Good aesthetics,
SS built


Full HD
1080 Pixel

Computer Specifications
Technical  Specifications
Extra Specification
Features Machines Smart Brut
1. 3Dimensional auto planning with laser mapping
2. Auto Centering
3. Auto angle positioning as per plan
4. Excellent aesthetics
5. High production efficient
6. Zero maintenance
7. SS built { Rust free }
8. Zoom lense suitable for ( 0.5 cent to 100 carat )
9. Manufactured as pper international standards (CNC motion control)
10. Japanese A.C. servo motors with axis control card & driver
11. Single person can operate multiple machines
12. Pin point accuracy
13. User friendly
14. Customiezed planning & printing option
15. 24 x 7 x 365 customer care
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